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Esterbrook Community Church & Information for Marriage

Terms and Conditions

 email:  or  Kirby @ 307.351.4792

Mailing address: 37 Pine @ Esterbrook Douglas, WY 82633

We hold the Holy Scriptures as the Word of God and our final authority. God is: Father, Son & Holy Spirit.  We allow only traditional Christian wedding ceremonies to be held at the church.

1) We do not recognize any denomination that does not recognize God as: Father, Son & Holy Spirit, to be part of the Christian tradition.
2) We believe Holy Scripture ordains marriage to be between one biological male and one biological female, no exceptions. Therefore, we do not allow any other form or variation of ceremony to be held at the church.
3) Absolutely no smoking or alcoholic beverages permitted in or around the church. (see cleaning deposit)  The only alcohol permitted is that which is used for Holy Communion.
4) Receptions are not allowed on church property. No tents or large shade structures.
5) The maximum seating capacity is 60 to 80 people.


1) The service must be conducted by an ordained minister of a traditional Christian faith. No exceptions.

2) You are responsible for obtaining the appropriate minister who will officiate the marriage service.

3) Premarital counseling from an approved Christian clergy or other Christian counselor is required. After you complete the counseling session, the counselor must send us a letter of confirmation. This must be received in our office no later than 30 days before the wedding.

4) You must complete and return the signed Marriage Questionnaire.


1)  Marriage questionnaires must be signed, submitted with deposit (donation) and processed prior to recording your reservation.  The questionnaire must be filled out completely. The sooner we receive your questionnaire the better. 

3) The church may be used for weddings from May 1 to September 30.

4) No more than one wedding per day will be scheduled.

5) Available: Fridays and Saturdays: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. 


1) You are responsible for cleaning up the church and grounds after your wedding.

2) We expect you to leave the church in as good or better condition than before wedding.

3) DO NOT USE NAILS or anything that will leave permanent marks.

4) Do not remove furniture (the alter, the pews, etc.) from the main room.

5) Please do not remove pew cushions or rearrange them; they are different sizes and only fit the bench they were made for.
6)  Cleaning deposit will be refunded or prorated upon inspection of church and grounds.
Church Usage Suggested Donation:  
1) Usage: $400.00 per day
               a) $200.00 Reservation (non-refundable)
           b) $200.00 Balance
2) Cleaning deposit $200.00 is in addition to usage donation. Cleaning deposit will be refunded or prorated upon inspection of church and grounds.

3) Make check payable to: Esterbrook Community Church
Reservation Donation Is Non-refundable.  Cleaning deposit of $200.00 and balance of $200.00 is due 30 days before wedding date.




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